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Careless Cupid by Colin McMaster

Colin McMaster is a London-based artist, whose three-dimensional layered wooden paintings challenge the limitations of a flat canvas. Often using materials liberated from skips or building sites, McMaster assembled cut-out paintings from different types of wood veneers shaped and glued together, alongside flatly painted segments. The natural shadows, created by the relief element of the construction, provide subtle, yet literal depth, instead of relying on paint solely for light and shade.

McMaster has been inspired by the immense collection of pulp and crime novels from his childhood house, with themes of “intrigue and death – men with slicked back hair being stared down by dramatic, angular women who looked like they’d just given up knitting and taken up arson.” McMaster further describes how his works stylistically “owes much to the Pop Art movement. The smoothness of the picture surface and the mannequin-like quality of the figures heightens the feeling of artifice and blurs our sense of looking at a painted image.”

McMaster has shown at art fairs and exhibitions in Glasgow, New York, Miami, London, Dublin and Belfast. Outside the gallery setting, Colin has shown work for retailers Richard James Savile Row, Heal’s Department Store, Selfridge’s window display, and Matches.

£3,500.00 (Exc. VAT)

£3,500.00 (Exc. VAT)



Painted Wooden Veneers.


H 74cm, W 67cm, Approximate Depth 5.5cm.

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