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Herbal Wardrobe (Turtle grey)

Herbal Wardrobe (Turtle grey)

Herbal Wardrobe (Turtle grey)

The scent of herbs and fresh earth lends a feeling of tranquillity and healing, an experience the Herbal Wardrobe is designed to bring into our living environment, and along with it the scent of nature and inspiration drawn from the Ainu people.

Being able to position this piece of contemporary interior décor in any setting, to areas of work or rest, which adds a restorative and therapeutic experience.


£4,085.00 (Exc. VAT)

Bespoke options upon request.

£4,085.00 (Exc. VAT)

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The Herbal Wardrobe is decorative and has a friendly, organic shape. A wonderful combination of white ceramic and wood that gives an all-natural feel.

The troughs are designed to house an arrangement of different sized plant pots. This allows you to grow different herbs together and achieve a visual and aromatic effect that evokes the experience of walking through a herb garden.
Beech wood, ceramic and metal castors
Ainu motif
An Ainu Motif designed by an award winning artist, Mamoru Kaizawa
Finishes/ Colour
Natural beech wood or in a turtle grey finish and white clay ceramic
L 90cm W 50cm H 114cm
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