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Hypochondria Exploding 60 Pieces by Klari Reis / Cynthia Corbett Gallery

Klari Reis’ artwork, which is inspired by scientific and creative processes, has gained traction from a variety of fashion, financial, science and business publications. Her works have been featured in top institutions globally interacting in both clinical and playful settings. Reis currently lives and works in San Francisco.

Klari’s signature works are a myriad of brightly coloured hand painted petri dishes. Her practice is often defined by ultra-glossy, industrial and chemical materials such as new media plastics, epoxy polymer and resins.

With an interest in biological techniques and discoveries, Klari increasingly explores avenues where inorganic materials interact with themes around organic microbials. Klari’s materials, themselves transmutable and chemical in nature, further explore this sense of biology/chemistry.

An ongoing project from 2013 is Karli’s creation of alchemical daily petri dishes. Most “daily dish” pieces have a seemingly arbitrary environmental inspiration, such as “lemony” or ”spring blossom”, but recent others have had a distinctly pandemic motif such as “close contact”. This work features 60 pieces of petri dish paintings. The theme “hypochondria” reflect a sense of health anxiety, particularly shaped by the pandemic experience, but is contrasted by an overall playful myriad of colourful dishes.

£17,500.00 (Exc. VAT)

£17,500.00 (Exc. VAT)



Mixed Media, Petri Dishes, Tee Nuts and Steel Rods with wooden board mount. An additional price of £450 for mount.


152.4cm Diameter.

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