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Nomoli Totem Spiky Earrings by Matturi Fine Jewellery

Satta Matturi is the founder and creative lead of award-winning, Matturi Fine Jewellery, which she founded after a 17-year diamond career working in sales and rough diamond valuation at one of the world’s largest diamond mining groups. Being British with West-African heritage, Satta combines deep felt traditions from the African continent, mixed with a global view of trends, attitudes and inspiration, to create distinct contemporary designs.

The luxurious jewels from the Whispers of Meroe collection, are an ode to the lost Nubian Kingdom of Kush and its stories of female power, resilience, and lost opulence during Ancient Egyptian times. The collection celebrates the lost Nubian Kingdom of Kush and its bold Queens with rich textured gold, enamel layering and custom-cut gems.

The signature Matturi Fine Jewellery Nomoli Totem earrings, inspired by African masks, make a return – this time donning stylised Pharaonic headdresses embellished with precious stones and pearls, to pay homage to the lavishly dressed, strong female Meroite leaders, such as Queen Amanirenas, who went to battle with the Romans.

£5,150.00 (Exc. VAT)

£5,150.00 (Exc. VAT)



18kt yellow gold, brilliant cut diamonds, onyx.

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