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Pauta I & II by Dalia James

Dalia James is an East London based artist and designer. She graduated from Loughborough University with a degree in Woven Textiles in 2012. As a handweaver, the connection between her and the cloth she creates is essential. James’ work focuses on colour and geometry exploring the relationship between the two. Her artistic philosophy has been shaped by the writings of William Morris and Josef Albers and her work often references early 20th Century design and artistic movements.

Since Dalia James uses thin yarns her process is slow and measured. She often uses silk, playing with the effects of light on the material, and has employed the use of bamboo more recently which also interplays with the silk sheen. Her technique has been acclaimed for being able to achieve rhythmic straight geometric lines despite using thin yarns, and she dyes her own yarns using a dip-dyeing technique.

In 2019 Dalia was selected for the Crafts Council’s emerging makers programme ‘Hothouse’ and showcased her work at ‘New Designers: One Year In’. She further exhibited her hand-woven artworks at Aspex Gallery (Portsmouth) and Sunny Banks Mill (Leeds).

With the renewed interest in craft, weaving in particular, James’ practice has been featured in ES Homes & Property, Homes & Gardens magazine, and House & Garden magazine.

£4,000.00 (Exc. VAT)

£4,000.00 (Exc. VAT)



Handwoven Silk and Bamboo.


Each Separate Weaving: H 108cm W 34cm.

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