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Saorsa by Zoe Wilson

Born into a family that encouraged self-expression and taught the pleasure of making things by hand, Zoë has always had a love of being creative with a pragmatic approach.

After graduating in Fine Arts, Zoë started looking for something different and developed a love for stone whilst working for a granite manufacturing company. After a three-year informal apprenticeship in stone masonry, she ran her own workshop before a further two-year apprenticeship with renowned letter carver, John Neilson.

Whilst living in South-East Asia, Zoë developed a fascination for carving complicated geometric patterns. Her main passions lie in working with natural stone, with a predisposition to use British stone and Welsh slate.

This piece is called Saorsa, which is the Gaelic word for freedom. In this case it was the freedom to experiment. Soarsa is smaller than Wilson’s other carvings – the size allowed Wilson to experiment with a more complex design, removing the pressure often felt when carving on a larger scale. “I was working out the process involved to create a piece which has different depths. Almost like a dance, certain lines and areas had to be carved before the next step could be taken. The whole carving needed to be carefully choreographed before the first cut was made.”

£620.00 (Exc. VAT)

£620.00 (Exc. VAT)



Portland Limestone.


H 18cm W 18cm D 2.5cm.

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