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Socially Isolated by Chris Day / Vessel Gallery

Chris Day is a glass & mixed media artist, creating highly personal works that discuss and investigate the treatment of black people in Britain and the United States of America. A signature theme in Day’s works is his ‘copper cages’ which enclose his glass. These represent the dehumanised restriction of movement both physically and mentally that traders possessed over other lives. In contrast, Day compares the glass to the human spirit, attempting to break free despite the restrictions that hold it in place.

Relating to the title of this work, and its creation during the pandemic, Chris Day comments: “The past year has seen society having to self-isolate due to Covid, but what happens when that isolation is because of your colour or your race? This work represents an insight of how I felt, growing up being mixed race in the UK. The feeling of not belonging or accepted by either my Jamaican or British Heritage is something that I am still battling with, although allowing my emotions out in my artwork has been a great way of airing those ‘demons’. Accepting who I am gave me the confidence to come out of my own isolation and abandoned the stigma of being mixed race of which I grew up with.”

Day has been represented in many important collections including the V&A, the National Museum of Scotland, and the Chrysler Museum. Chris Day is represented by Vessel Gallery (London).

£2,710.00 (Exc. VAT)

£2,710.00 (Exc. VAT)



Handblown and Sculpted Glass with Microbore Copper Pipe, Copper Wire, 15mm Copper Pipe and Reclaimed Angle Iron.


H 66cm W 31cm D 20cm.

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