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Hi, I’m Shiro, the creative director and founder of SoShiro. This is the culmination of years of work designing spaces and working with craftspeople around the world. Here is where I share some of the stories of the amazing communities and people involved in the making of our pieces - the fulfilling and restorative process we would love you to be a part of.

I hope you enjoy reading about our wider creative community in the articles, blogs and other forms of storytelling that will appear from time to time here below.

Townhaus Collective at SoShiro An immersive festive retail & culinary experience

Step inside SoShiro Gallery this festive season and visitors will be surprised and delighted to find the Marylebone townhouse has returned to its original form as an elegant family home… but with a joyful difference.

I hope you enjoy reading about our wider creative community in the articles, blogs and other forms of story telling that will appear from time to time here below.

Introducing SoShiro’s New Show, ‘Welding Cultures’

SoShiro’s mission of being a place for discovery and unique experiences continues, now taking the shape of our new show titled ‘Welding Cultures’.

Crafting A Difference: In Conversation with curator Brian Kennedy

Crafting a Difference, the new exhibition at SoShiro is an alliance between leading London galleries forged by Brian Kennedy to scaffold the contemporary craft sector within today’s changed landscape.


As we are, yet again, forced into physical isolation, electronically, we are revealing more about ourselves than ever before. Suddenly, our colleagues, business partners and peers have been welcomed into our homes, and most probably have met our partners, children, and pets. In short, being distant has given us more insight into people we cross paths with daily.


The process of developing the Ainu Collection that we launched at SoShiro during London Craft Week demonstrated to me, the need for people and communities to recognize each other’s strengths, skills, and heritage.


In collaboration with the award-winning Japanese sculptor Toru Kaizawa, ‘The Ainu Collection’ will be presented at SoShiro’s Marylebone gallery.

Tribalism and Its Impact on Art and Creativity

Tribes mostly invite the notion of division and differences. Where I was born in Kenya, it is a real negative to be tribalistic. But tribes have a different purpose for a designer like me, because it forces human creativity to happen. To be a tribe, you need symbols and practices, such as totems, music, dance, rituals, costumes, food, etc., to define your people. The more of these you have, the stronger the perception of the tribe will be.

Zinj Workshop

I have enjoyed showcasing the artistry of beading in collaboration with Zinj workshop, and having the opportunity of bringing this artistry to you in a whole new way! The beading artists have had a great experience of working with fine nubuck leather which has a wonderful superior consistency and brought out the beading beautifully.

POK Collection Story

The Pok collection celebrates the artistry of beading within the Pokot community. Belonging to North West Kenya, the Pok collection is inspired by the Pokot women who make complex and vibrant beadwork expressing their artistic abilities as well as preserving their cultural artistic heritage. It has been inspirational to see the lengths to which have gone to safe guard their cultural aesthetics through ornamentation of objects and dance costumes.

Pok Menu by Davide Crazzolara

Davide's love of culinary artistry was part of the reason why we engaged in the creation of 'A Pok Collection Menu'. This tasty and fun menu has been created with the intention of capturing some of the flavours used by the Pokot people - introducing new textures and twists along the way.

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