Cabana. Blurring Boundaries. Words by Harriet Brennan

Nairobi-born London-based designer and gallerist, Shiro Muchiri, shares her striking home in Tuscany and tells Harriet Brennan about her mission to build bridges between artisans, makers and developers around the world.

You’d be forgiven for missing SoShiro, a new gallery and collaborative space in London’s Marylebone. The imposing five-storey townhouse blends unassumingly with its Georgian terraced neighbours, but soon after entering its handsome stucco façade gives way to an unexpected immersion in global art, design and culture.

This duality of purpose is important, for the architectural significance of SoShiro as a house is key to the gallery’s value and intent. Owner and founder, Shiro Muchiri, has a clear and simple mission for the building: to provide a warm, convivial space for artistic connection, nurture and experience. More than a gallery, SoShiro is a platform and creative hub; Shiro hopes to foster engagement with the narratives behind the collections she creates and curates, and the cultures they speak for.

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