We connect emerging artists from diverse backgrounds with art commissioners to enhance the evolving story of our cities and spaces.

Historically the art world has been perceived as elitist and inaccessible, with many installations at the intersection of art and architecture viewed as disconnected from local communities.

We see an opportunity to diversify the pool of artistic talent and forge stronger connections with local people by creating an inclusive and transparent commissioning process – one which amplifies artistic and cultural diversity and produces artworks with broad social and cultural relevance.

Art in Architecture launched in 2023 as a pioneering collaboration between SoShiro and development consultancy Mood and Space, providing strategic support in creating social and economic benefit for development stakeholders and existing local communities through our arts-based approach.

Through Art in Architecture we establish a hands-on relationship with developers and architects at the early project stages to ensure art commissions are not an afterthought. As a collaborative platform for emerging talent, we are not constrained by a traditional gallery model – liberating us to work with a broad range of creatives and mediums for a progressive and dynamic response.

We believe art commissioning should be a process of learning and discovery, with an open dialogue between commissioner, artist and community to ensure a deep understanding of collective objectives. We work directly with clients or alongside external/in-house art consultants to support the process of diversifying talent.

Our 20 years’ experience and global network of artists, craftspeople and fabricators ensures a solid foundation for the design and delivery of artworks whilst accessing exciting new talent. It is our belief that broad social value is achieved when artwork has an authentic and meaningful narrative, and a compelling connection to place. SoShiro exists to create stories and experiences through colour, material and texture that express our global human heritage.

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