It is our mission, in wanting to elevate and support the greatest diversity of creatives, to ensure that these challenges do not dissuade people from engaging and working with these exciting voices.

Having collaborated with myriad artists, designers and craftspeople from all over the world, we understand, and are adept at navigating, the challenges that arise when working with many differing processes, practices, and perspectives.

So at SoShiro, we will broaden your vision, safeguard your interests and do all the hard work for you, alleviating anxiety on every side to make sure the process is smooth and painless for all.


If you are looking to stage a show that requires specific talent and / or work from hard to reach places around the world, we can help you to reach and secure whatever - or whomever - it is you are seeking. If you or one of your clients is hoping to commission a piece of work from, for example, a remote Indigenous community, we can manage the process for you from end-to-end. Whatever your needs, we are here to support you, your team and the artists and their communities.


We have extensive experience in the worlds of Interior Design and Interior Architecture. We can be both intelligent resource, inspiring you with myriad creative talents and techniques from around the world, and also logistical support as we know what will and will not work site-specifically.

Intrinsic to every piece we create or facilitate is a sense of positive impact, deep well being and cultural meaning - something we all want to live amongst in our own homes and spaces.

It is our mission to create a virtuous circle with the work that we do. By re-invigorating, protecting and celebrating art, design and craft from communities across the globe, we can help those communities to thrive.


Discerning consumers globally are increasingly seeking out quality over quantity. This stems from a desire to own premium products and also from concern about the environmental and social impact in consuming an abundance of mass-produced goods.

The central difference between ‘quantity’ and ‘quality’ is craft. Impeccable craft is everywhere from fashion to homewares, technology to food, hospitality to automotive. And craft is something we know well at SoShiro. So if your brand is looking to undertake an artistic collaboration, especially one that celebrates craft, we can help.

We can source diverse artists, designers and craftspeople who share your values, aspirations and commitment to quality, and we can oversee the entire process, whether for product, experience, campaign or in-store from idea to execution to installation.


At SoShiro we understand the desire by music artists, fashion designers, costume & production designers, creative directors and more to access the breadth of humanity’s creative heritage and skill.

Whether it is, for example, in consideration of your album campaign’s artwork, or to inspire a new fashion collection or innovative set-design, we can work with you and your team to bring fresh-thinking and craft to the heart of the project.

We can source collaborators to help bring your vision to life in culturally resonant and distinct ways, always sensitive that any collaboration must be mutually beneficial to all involved.


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