One way that we live our purpose is by promoting and facilitating creative Collaborations between distinct cultures and personalities. We are always happy to discuss working together in this way if you are an artist, designer or artisan, or a potential collector or client looking to commission.

We make it our job to find culturally-sensitive ways to breathe new life and contemporary relevance into craft skills passed down the generations, be it in the creation of lifestyle objects and furniture, or in artworks.

Shiro in collaboration with Ceramicists in the Veneto region as part of the Ainu collection. We carefully and painstakingly curate the artists, designers and craftspeople who might collaborate together, ensuring open minds and open hearts throughout. Shiro herself will often be central to the process also.

Pok Collection Marsupia collaboration with Embroidery Artist, Emilia Toniolo

We are committed to ensuring that every Collaboration is mutually beneficial to all parties involved and helps diverse cultures to thrive.



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