Shiro Muchiri is a celebrated curator on a mission to diversify the world of art commissioning, amplifying emerging global voices to produce original artworks which resonate with local business and resident audiences.
At a time when social value is paramount, Shiro is committed to making space for artistic and cultural diversity and establish an accessible future heritage which represents our collective community. Since founding SoShiro in Marylebone – a collaborative platform for art and culture – she has nurtured a global network of artists with a focus on emerging talent, inclusivity and humanity in their work. Working with craftspeople and fabricators from Kenya to Japan, Shiro creates stories and experiences through colour, material and texture to express our global human heritage.
Shiro’s in-depth knowledge and curatorial eye has led to collaborations with Christie’s, Collect International Art Fair and London Design Biennale, speaking events on the future of art commissioning and profiles in Wallpaper and Design Anthology. Born in Nairobi and trained in Milan, Shiro has worked internationally as an interior architect. 20 years’ experience in creating commercial, residential and hospitality spaces affords her a clear understanding of logistical challenges and the importance of collaboration in the built environment. Throughout her career, Shiro’s work has been marked by a pursuit of deep engagement between space, its users and the wider community.


23 Welbeck Street, London W1G8DZ,


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