Founded by designer and creative director, Shiro Muchiri, SoShiro is a Collaborative Platform, Consultancy, event Space and Shop that nurtures, celebrates and communicates our artistic and cultural diversity. It’s our mission to bring the richness of the world’s art, design and craft into the popular imagination in a way that is exciting, relevant and mutually beneficial to all.

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SoShiro offers a variety of services to connect people to art, others, and enriching experiences. Our main pillars of engagement are through Collaboration, Consultancy, and Space Hire. SoShiro can be both an intelligent resource for inspiration offering fresh thinking and vision from our myriad network of creative talents and techniques from around the world, as well as logistical support with knowledge and experience of what works.

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At SoShiro we see it as our purpose, to create, protect and celebrate the future heritage of diverse cultures around the world. Nowhere is this brought to life more than in our Collections. We collaborate closely and sensitively with artists and craftspeople from all over the world to create rare design objects - future heritage / future heirlooms - that you can own and admire in your own spaces. Rather than see artisanal craft skills die out we try to give them new contemporary resonance and relevance in exquisite objects that can become a part of your modern everyday. Collections include Layers, Ainu and Pok, objects from which can be purchased in our shop.

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From bespoke fashion shows to celebrity events, from launch parties to experiential happenings...

The SoShiro Space is in the heart of London’s Marylebone. This five-storey townhouse hosts SoShiro's permanent collections, guest exhibitions, regular shows and proprietary events. Read More

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