Pok Collection Story

The Pok collection celebrates the artistry of beading within the Pokot community. Belonging to North West Kenya, the Pok collection is inspired by the Pokot women who make complex and vibrant beadwork expressing their artistic abilities as well as preserving their cultural artistic heritage.

Our Pok collection furniture and accessories evoke the form, splendour and intricacy of the beaded ornaments created by the Pokot women with the addition of a modern twist!

We have introduced new materials in the form of semi-precious stones and colourful marble gems which have been carefully integrated into the beautifully crafted Pok collection pieces. Celebrating heritage arts and designing for a contemporary lifestyle.

SoShiro is showcasing the artistry of beading in collaboration with Zinj workshop, bringing this artistry to you in a whole new way! The beadwork is done on fine Italian nubuck leather panels that are then upholstered onto a beautifully engineered piece of furniture built in Venice – The Butler.

Zinj workshop makes beautiful beaded accessories embellished with a ‘contemporary take’ on traditional East African beadwork. Every piece is meticulously beaded and stitched by hand to a very high technical standard.

The workshop creates the patterns featuring different themes in their beadwork, for example, there is a theme called the ‘Origins’ that is inspired by ancient Africa, cave dwelling, rock art and the elemental artefacts of ancient times: bone, clay, hide, shells, rock, stone and fire.