Pok Menu By Davide Crazzolara

A Pok Collection menu has been created with the intention of capturing some of the flavours used by the Pokot people. The menu below includes ingredients like corn flour, goat’s milk (especially fermented), goat meat, beans and spices. You can enjoy this menu during events at The Artistry.


Whole millet tart

Fermented milk kefir

Dehulled turmeric millet with cashew nuts, corn, raisins, cauliflower (+ spices)

Cornmeal cake with corn and cheese

Cornmeal Pizza

Fermented milk cake

Ash Yogurt Pie


Davide Crazzolara is an expert and qualified chef, specialised in healthy cooking linked to sports and recreation. He has developed his skills in the hotel business as a professional chef, through specific courses, in-depth studies and personal experiences. He deals with well-being as a ski and snowboard instructor, Nordic walking instructor and mountain bike guide. He is the founder of CucinaB10, a pure way of cooking, according to which culinary art and simple ingredients give life to good, healthy and energetic meals, able to improve one’s well-being and self-esteem.