Fragrance by Shiro Muchiri

Desert Colours Viridescent


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Desert Colours Viridescent is a gender-neutral body and home artisanal fragrance designed by Shiro Muchiri, Founder and Creative Director of SoShiro. The fragrance is a natural extension to Muchiri’s creative work, valuing diversity and inclusivity across the design world, intended to complete the immersive experience for the SoShiro gallery visitors as an enduring beautiful scent within the Marylebone townhouse.

Desert Colours Viridescent offers a restorative experience with echoes of desert ancestry inspired by the dry semi-arid conditions found in the Rift Valley of Kenya where Muchiri grew up. The fragrance evokes the wild spirit, high skies, and breath-taking natural scenery of Kenya with a mixture of earth and dry wood notes, a glint of pink pepper to stimulate the senses, some fine botanical resins, and a faint touch of saltiness to lift the attention upward.

The chosen ingredients not only harmonise with each other but bring distinct healing benefits. Frankincense was traditionally burnt in homes to bring about good health; it soothes the respiratory tract, slows our breathing, and evokes a sense of calm. The patchouli eases tiredness invigorates the body and alleviates muscle soreness. Overall, the fragrance has been orchestrated to stimulate natural healing in the body and infuse the home environment with positive energy and soothing olfactory sensations.


Materials: Pink Pepper, Galbanum, Frankincense, Hay, Geosmin and Patchouli
Dimensions: 50ml

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