Founded by designer and creative director, Shiro Muchiri, SoShiro is a Collaborative Platform, Consultancy, event Space and Shop that nurtures, celebrates and communicates our artistic and cultural diversity. It is our mission to bring the richness of the world’s art, design and craft into the popular imagination in a way that is exciting, relevant and mutually beneficial to all.


To elevate and support artists, designers and craftspeople and the cultures they represent, to ensure their voice is powerful and present in the global creative conversation. We do this through cultural Collaborations in which we bring difference together to create new collections of objects, furniture, artwork and more.



To create, protect and celebrate the future heritage of diverse cultures around the world.


At SoShiro we want to be the leading destination for nurturing our artistic and cultural diversity, a key driver of positive social change. We will do this by elevating art, design and craft from all corners of the globe and by providing a pioneering collaborative platform for expression, education, and connection.


We believe representation is diversity in action.
We believe in creating spaces that are hospitable to all.
We believe true collaboration includes the right balance of cooperation and competition to bring out the very best in one another.
We believe that empathy is the intrinsic value that allows collaboration to happen.
We believe that curiosity is the driver that helps you seek out the other.
We believe that your spirit of curiosity should be endlessly rewarded.
We believe in going deep, learning, learning and learning more.
We believe that kindness is the open heart that makes a diverse world work.


23 Welbeck Street, London W1G8DZ,


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