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The Kotan Lamp is a light fixture made in Italy from polished steel and back-varnished glass, this chandelier takes on the form of owl eyes to brighten any interior. The Blakinston’s fish owl, a symbol of protection for the Ainu people, brings to our living spaces the epic story of their community. The light pattern cast by the frame references the protective wings of the owl. The name Kotan means village or dwelling in Ainu and the Ainu collection celebrates the artistry of the indigenous Ainu people of the Japanese archipelago and their sacred relationship to forests and nature. This light is powered by two maximum 8 wattage GU10 LED lightbulbs (230V/50Hz).


Description Light
Materials Steel and glass
Ainu motif An Ainu Motif designed by an award-winning artist, Mamoru Kaizawa
Finishes/ Colour White
Dimensions 55 D cm x 120 W cm x 90 H cm

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