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The Ainu linens are carefully hand embroidered using 100% silk thread with Mamoru Kaizawa’s motif.

The absorbing linen for the hand-embroidered linen apron has been designed in collaboration with leading chefs, informing the addition of clever loops and pockets.

The apron is partly inspired by the structure of a kimono with the pattern placed to the resemblance of a kimono obi.


Description A great functional and beautifully hand embroidered apron.
Easy to put on with a side front pocket (positioned to keep the apron in position even with objects in it) and loops that can be useful for hanging kitchen cloths or other such items.
Materials 100% linen and 100% silk thread
Ainu motif Hand embroidered with an Ainu Motif designed by an award-winning artist, Mamoru Kaizawa
Finishes/ Colour Pietra grey

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