Creative Director and founder of SoShiro, Shiro Muchiri, was invited to Loewe Store, Bond Street, to discuss the world of craft today during the press launch for Collect Art Fair 2022.

After introductions, Shiro Muchiri and Isobel Dennis (Director of Collect) explored topics around the increasing conceptual nature of craftsmanship, the importance of story-telling and maker identity, sustainability, balancing the handcrafted and machine-made, and interplaying function and beauty.


Q: How did you find the experience of being a panelist in the Collect Art Fair Advisory Board in August 2021; what was exciting about it?
“Being a panelist was an exciting exercise to be part of as I got to see the widespread interest in this exhibition with interest coming from many different parts of the world. What was fantastic to see was how old techniques, like Japanese lacquering techniques, are being used on new and non-traditional shapes and forms. It is also great to come across new emerging artists and aesthetics from artists like Anthony Amoako-Attah represented by Bullseye projects. With these new talents, I am always curious to learn more, such as with Anthony’s colourful fabric-like patterned glass sheets made from powdered glass.”

Q: Shiro, what are you most looking forward to seeing at Collect 2022? 
"I hope there will be exciting new visitors from the younger generations inspired by their visit to Somerset House and an opportunity to see a careful curation of works from a wide cross-section of materials, cultures, and skillsets.”

Q: From an interior designer’s perspective, what are the big trends (post-pandemic) that are gaining traction? 
“Storytelling objects: the narrative is just as important as the object. Quality and impact: throw-away culture is fading. New materials: there is growing excitement in the materials used in contemporary art and craft and it is an exciting place today with more widespread demographics getting engaged with this subject."