Introducing SoShiro's New Show 'Welding Cultures'

SoShiro’s mission of being a place for discovery and unique experiences continues, now taking the shape of our new show titled ‘Welding Cultures’.

Welded means to be united, but in terms of materials and techniques it is primarily associated with the joining of metal to create durable structures. In terms of the human experience, it speaks of coming together as one. The contemporary works on show at ‘Welding Cultures’, created by a culturally wide range of emerging and established artists, reveal how similar we are in how we use our collective heritage and artistry – colour, material, texture, skill – to express our stories and experiences.

Featuring diverse cultural inspirations and weaving it with unique and collectable works of art, the new show hopes to nurture a spirit of togetherness and humanity. Simultaneously, ‘Welding Cultures’ will highlight how contemporary art can play a crucial role in our society today, and scaffold much needed inclusivity in the truest sense by penetrating our homes, neighbourhoods, workplaces, and schools through the choices we make in design, contemporary craft and visual arts.

On show will be various artforms and works that explore this theme of combining different experience and perspectives with materials and object fragments to create art.

The welding of communities is central to SoShiro’s philosophy. This exhibition opens as we come out of the Covid-19 pandemic’s heightened emotional and physical separation. With many of the pieces featured in ‘Welding Cultures’ created during the challenging lockdown, they embody deep personal or historical narratives. At times, these stories have melancholic undertones but ultimately champion resilience, unity, or empowerment.

We believe that these stories told through ‘Welding Cultures’ will resonate with many of our own memories and experiences, reinforcing our message of our collective humanity, fragility and extraordinary resilience.

Featuring a broad range of creatives including Ini Archibong, Chris Day and Satta Matturi amongst others, Welding Cultures opens to the public at SoShiro’s Marylebone gallery on 4 June 2021. Click here to RSVP.

Shiro Muchiri