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Pippy Lego


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Made in the UK, the Pippy Lego table has a sculptural Lego figure base carved from solid oak with a round table top made with a Pippy Oak veneer. Playfulness is expressed in the contrast between the pop plastic nature of Lego and the natural oak materials with the knotted patterns in the Pippy, or Cat’s Paw, oak formed from cattle nibbling the roots of trees. The round table encourages social connection, intimacy, and conversation and has an ergonomic design with no table-leg interference with its sculptural centre base. The Pippy Lego Table is designed with the destination environment considered, which informs the type of core we would use.


Description Table
Material(s) Pippy oak veneer top and solid oak base
Dimensions 135 D cm x 135 W cm x 80 H cm

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