Collective vision, collaborative craft Nági Collective’s international debut at SoShiro

How do individual experiences come together to form a unified whole? This question is central to the work of Nági Collective, the Amsterdam-based practice of Sourayen Beckers, Esmée Nieuwkoop and Isaac Job.

Next month, we are delighted to present Nági Collective’s explorations of individual and collective identities to UK audiences for the first time, in an exhibition titled “The Sculpture of Individual Stories and Journeys”.
This debut show zooms into Nági Collective’s expertise in sculpting evocative, figurative forms from resin – a material they have adopted for its ability to capture intricate details. Also on display will be the collective’s abstract paintings, created through the experimental and symbolic layering of transparent paints on canvas.
Running throughout Nági Collective’s practice is an entanglement of the trio's Moroccan, Dutch and Caribbean backgrounds. Their work uses craft to introduce a dialogue between cultures, expressing the complexity and uniqueness of personal history and identity. In their Yuki sculpture, for example, these ideas find form as a resin figure that carries a smaller, flock-coated version of themselves within their own backpack.

Visitors to the exhibition will also be among the first to see Nági Collective’s newest large-scale sculpture, The Nomad. The artwork translates ideas of physical journeys and the act of wandering into a striking form. Nági Collective is founded on the importance of cultural exchange and sharing ideas through craft
and art. Please join us in the gallery to celebrate their thoughtful and multi-layered work.

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