Commonplace: The power of art in shaping places for people

Chair: Yasmin Jones Henry, city strategist and writer
Host: Shiro Muchiri, SoShiro

Aberfeldy Street, Poplar
Blossom Young, Head of Operations at Poplar HARCA
Jan Kattein, Director at Jan Kattein Architects
Technique, Clerkenwell
Ben Cross, Development Director at General Projects
Amr Assaad, Director at BGY ‘Here We Come Here We Rise’,
Brent Cross Town
Chrissy Cullen, Place Marketing Director at Related Argent
Sarah Castle, Director at IF_DO

Commonplace: The power of art in shaping places for people Wednesday 28 June, 8.45am to 10.15am SoShiro, 23 Welbeck Street, London W1G 8DZ

Hosted by celebrated curator Shiro Muchiri, this event brings together developers, architects and artists to discuss art’s potential in bridging communities and shaping inclusive identities of place.

Three innovative projects will highlight how art can enhance people’s connection to place and create broad social and economic benefit.

Aberfeldy Street, Poplar
Blossom Young/Poplar HARCA and Jan Kattein/Jan Kattein Architects will discuss art’s role in strengthening communities through creative programming

Technique, Clerkenwell
Ben Cross/General Projects and Amr Assaad/BGY will share how art and innovative creative processes contributed to sustainability and identity.

Here We Come Here We Rise
Brent Cross Town Chrissy Cullen/Argent, Sarah Castle/IF_DO will present where art meets architecture as a community beacon.

Chaired by city strategist Yasmin Jones-Henry, the discussion will explore how communities can be strengthened during regeneration processes when art in architecture creates common ground.

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